Change...? D:

Hello guys it's me! Dragonx123!

It's been so long i haven't write any post, because I'm changing slowly... yea... stuff happens D: (Currently I'm sick now... sorry).

What i have changed was... trying to get a better life in other website, and i can't play Aj anymore because i think i can be in big trouble. Still... why!??! well... you see... I'm kinda bit naughty. I seriously don't want any trouble for AJQ.

Then i haven't do anything in blog because I'm busy with studying for final test. I didn't get to the next grade, guess i have to do the semester again and again. But studying doesn't stop me. My mom knows my blog, i need to run to become a popular person in Youtube if i can and feeling the sweet freedom. I don't even giving up in making videos.

Many things happened to me too. Something that normal humans can never imagine. Guess everyone can ask me in my DA account.

Well, i guess that is all i want to say... D: It's really sad for me too for not continuing the blog. But time to fired up and became a real Otaku would do! B)
Playing Vid games, watching Anime, reading Mangas, make vid with bad words, making a novel with my huge imagination, drawing wolves;pewdiepie;characters, studying, role playing, and also maybe i can chat with you guys :) you might know why i changed someday. But lets change subject here! *Throws papers*. I have other accounts that i always log in. Maybe somehow much better than Blogger... .-.
So here's the new stuff:
-My youtube channel (As always)
-DeviantArt: XxzeriawolfclawxX
-Facebook (Soon i will do stuff much better)

I guess that's all? D: Don't know much... but i don't really what to give the link to all the website i had now... because i know you guys aren't interested in me... Well I'm just saying it here, and I'm still letting the blog open for my friend Severus1. I guess this is a goodbye... D:
See ya guys soon DX 
Bye bye

P.S @Severus1 you can leave the blog if you want... so it wouldn't be a burden to you :) just concentrate on your own blog and life

Today's news!

Hey Jammers! Here's a special photo for today.

Ouch, the Phantom touched my head!! >.<
Anyway, back to today's news... the returning item is a big fluffy (?) Giant Phantom, available for members only!
Check AJHQ's new posts!
Happy Jamming!

Epic Dragon Skull and Wingz!

Hey Jammers! Today's new spooky stuffs are the Epic Dragon Skull and Epic Dragon Wings!
Wow, pretty cool and neat!
Happy Jamming!

Cone Collar

Hey Jammers! I'm the newest author of this blog, and this is my very first post here!
Today's new item is located in the Medical Center in Kimbara Outback. It's the Cone Collar!

We can use Cone Collars for their pet dogs if we don't want them to scratch their open wound behind their neck.
Click here to go to The Daily Explorer.
Happy Jamming!

Rare Police Hat

Hey Jammers! Today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare Police Hat.
Check AJHQ's posts here!
That's it for today, happy Jamming! Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway.

4000+ Views

Hey guys! Thank you for your support, we've got 4000+ views! And yes, I'm back today! ^.^
Today's new item is for sale in the Medical Center. It's the Stethoscope.
As usual, don't forget to check AJHQ's post.
Check the newest video in my channel about AJHQ's Birthday Party and the Medical Center.
Happy Jamming!

Animal Jam Updates

Um... Sorry guys. I will be exchanging Severus for a moment. Even though I'm the maker of this blog... well... school's busy...

Anyway! Let's just moving on to this new stuff and news :D

First... We have the Wind helmet!!! Well, not too shabby... It's cool...

And some new news~!

and also the updated calendar... Well that's all! Thanks for reading the blog! and sorry for my busy little life #Its_Life

Shell Helmet

Hey Jammers! The underwater Shell Helmet returns! You can find it in the Bahari Bargains for members only.
Happy Jamming! 

Cool Vox Pop Glitch

Hey Jammers! Today's a half-update, and the Jamaa Journal's changed... a bit...

Anyways, here's today's new item! I'm glad it's non-member :D
The new adventure's called "meet Cosmo". Sorry non-members, it's for members only! :(

I found this cool glitch!

Happy Jamming!

Lion Hat

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Lion Hat. Yes, Lion Hats were for sale on AJ before, but this hat has different colors.
I'm lucky enough to get 3 diamonds 2 days ago in the Daily Spin...
Lastly, check The Daily Explorer.
Happy Jamming!

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